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Useful Links

Click the links below to find useful information about Perry County institutions and other information associated with the County Clerk’s office and its services.

Perry County Government



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State Government Links

  • Illinois State Board of Elections - Information on elections in Illinois, including candidate filings, campaign disclosure documents, voter registration forms and much more.
  • Illinois State Archives - Information on historical documents held by the State of Illinois. This includes genealogy information, the original Federal Township Plats of the state, searchable databases of Illinois veterans and early marriages, plus information on accessing documents in the Illinois Regional Archives Depository.
  • Illinois Department of Revenue, Division of Local Government - Information on the property tax system, statistics about property tax revenue around the state, Real Estate Transfer Declaration forms, and much more.
  • Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records - Information on birth, death and marriage records in Illinois. Includes guidelines for obtaining these documents, how to have corrections made to documents already filed, and how to handle special cases like delayed records of birth and adoption.

Facts & Figures About Perry County

  • Prevailing Wage Rates in Perry County - Updated monthly by the Illinois Department of Labor. Official rates are updated annually and are available in the County Clerk’s office.
  • Facts about Perry County’s Organization - From the Illinois State Archives. Includes dates of County’s organization, contact information for historical records and more.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Profile - Latest facts and figures about Perry County’s population and citizens. Includes statistics on housing, income, demographics and more for 2000 and 1990 federal censuses, plus current and future projections.